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"When I first came to the office, I was in extreme pain due to my loss of bone. Dr. Lung reviewed my options and gave me the Web address www​.lanap​.com to review while I started antibiotics. I also saw a video about the procedure in the office. It was an easy choice for me. My mother had similar problems and chose to have the teeth removed. She now has false teeth. The procedure was relatively painless. I consider myself extremely lucky to have chosen Dr. Lung’s practice out of the phonebook when I was searching for a doctor to determine why I was having pain. The team is very attentive and can answer questions easily. Dr. Lung refers to me as her poster child for Lanap, and I feel blessed to have that status. I would highly recommend this procedure to others with gum problems."
- Andee Kendrick

 "My successful laser surgery completed by Dr. Lung was amazingly simple! It required very few visits to the office, and the recovery time after the surgery was astonishingly brief. Best of all, Dr. Lung accomplished her goal... she corrected my gum disease!"
- Elise Knoll