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Losing some or all of your teeth can impact your daily life, your appearance, and your self-esteem. Your teeth support your face shape and help with essential duties such as eating and talking. And, you may be afraid to smile if your mouth no longer looks as it once did.

If you’re ready to have your old smile back, look into getting dentures fitted at The Family Dentist. Not only will our reliable service make the process a breeze but you’ll also be able to get back into your regular routine.

Getting Dentures

Some people consider dentures a sign of advanced age or poor health. On the contrary, dentures are an easy, effective, and painless way to restore your teeth. And, modern dentures are designed to fit perfectly in your mouth and give the appearance of natural teeth.

When you decide to try dentures, one of our dentists will help you decide whether you need partial dentures or a full set. Partial dentures are a great solution if most of your teeth are healthy but you’re missing several in a row. Complete dentures replace all of your teeth, a significant benefit if you have a history of dental problems.

In either case, our dentists will measure your mouth and jaw and create a denture model. You’ll try out the models to make sure the fit is exact. Once the dentist is satisfied, he or she will send the model to a fabrication lab to get your final dentures created.

Most dentures are removable, so you’ll be able to take them out if they feel uncomfortable or if they need cleaning. Although a full set of dentures takes some getting used to, you’ll be amazed how quickly they begin to feel natural. Instead of wincing in pain when you take a bite, you’ll have a strong set of natural-looking teeth created just for you.

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