Beautiful Smiles – DURAthin Veneers

Interested in having a beautiful smile without the removal of healthy tooth structure? There is now a unique and more conservative way to get a beautiful, brighter, whiter, more youthful and natural looking smile. This new approach is called DURAthin Veneers.

DURAthin Veneers are contact lens thickness veneers that are custom made to bond directly to the front of the tooth without shaving or reducing of your natural teeth. These “no prep veneers” are extremely thin but once bonded to the outer shell of a tooth, they are very strong and take on the strength of the tooth plus the added layer of porcelain.

For many people, this approach eliminates some of the concerns they have about removing healthy tooth structure or enamel. By not having to remove sensitive tooth structure, there is no need for anesthetic shots, so there is NO PAIN, and in most cases the procedure is reversible.

Traditional veneers require significant removal of the tooth, often entailing an invasive process, results that are permanent, and patients with increased tooth sensitivity. The DURAthin Veneers procedure is painless, will not cause tooth sensitivity, requires little to no removal of your natural tooth.

DURAthin Veneers are aesthetically pleasing, they are created by blocking out undesirable colors and allowing the beauty of the natural teeth to shine through. These veneers offer patients a unique way to have a confident smile that looks original and natural.

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